Kingdom – Available Now!

Margaret, stuck in a loveless marriage with her son as her only solace, enters Kingdom’s magical realm through a picture on the wall. Unbeknown to Margaret she has just taken the first steps that will see he try and become Kingdom’s saviour.

Hiding in its mirror, the Darkness has been waiting, building its strength, raising its army. Now, inside a new host it is determined this time it will succeed.

Upon entering Kingdom she meets many varied magicals and soon becomes aware that dark magic is on the rise. Thoughts of returning home invade her mind as she comes to relies this is not quite the place she expected it to be…

Watching her son being tortured is all too much to bear for Margaret and something deep and dark inside her is awoken as she and Kingdom’s magicals battle to save the realm from the rise of the Darkness and its dark mistress.

Can all be saved……..?